Dec 28, 2010

New Years Eve Party Look

Tutorial time!

I got a request to do a tutorial based on this, so here it is then!
Check out the full product list from the end of this post!

Eyeshadow base to whole lid:

Line your lower lashliner with Sumi-e:

Smudge the liner with Black Beauty:

Apply Blueberry Milk to whole lid:

Create the wanted shape with using Smokin Hot:

Add Andaman above the V you created, and then add some Morning Mist on top of it, to make it more purple. Also add a hint of Morning mist to lower lashline:

Add shimmery white to highlight and inner corner (I used MSCHIC Mineral Snow, which is now discontinued):

Line your upper lashline with Sumi-e:

...and then line you waterline with Sumi-e too:

Add mascara, and look is ready!

...or in my case, add huuuuuge lashes to enhance the look:

Pair with peachy cheeks and pink lipstick
Happy makeup for everyone! :


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